Sanguine Confronts Covid-19

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Sanguine, like many other companies, had to make many difficult decisions and consider our role during this time to confront COVID-19. While it has been a tumultuous time and we have had to make extra efforts to maintain our operations, we realized that we have a responsibility to our research participants. That is why we partnered with researchers to conduct preclinical research on COVID-19. With this pandemic, it quickly became apparent that our at-home participation appointments are the future of research as they are the safest, most convenient option for advancing medicine and finding cures to disease. While our team of trained and licensed phlebotomists is always prepared for appointments, we made sure to arm them with additional personal protective equipment (PPE). With the combined efforts of our internal staff, phlebotomy team, and dedicated research participants, Sanguine has been able to carry out our mission of putting our patient community first, accelerating medical research, and confronting COVID-19.  

Since the launch of our COVID19 research studies, we have 

  • Received over 900 sign-ups from individuals who have recovered from COVID-19
  • Completed over 10 COVID-19 research studies and have 10 more in progress
  • Partnered with over 15 research companies

One of our most prominent partners for COVID-19 research was Vir Biotechnology. Vir’s research is aimed at identifying key antibodies that protect against COVID-19. Vir’s research with Sanguine was featured in 

An Interview with a research participant from this study, Laura Woolfson, was conducted by CBS Boston. Laura speaks of how she was one of the first individuals in Boston to contract COVID-19. She decided to participate in preclinical research because she is hopeful about finding a vaccine and dedicated to helping others. Sanguine made it easy for her to participate right from her own home in a process that was convenient and safe for herself and others. 

Sanguine’s COVID-19 related initiatives were also featured in Startup Health Magazine , Inc Magazine, and the San Fernando Valley Business Journal. At-home research is revolutionizing the clinical research process and we are excited to be at the forefront of that progress. 

With such a large number of recovered COVID-19 patients, we conducted studies of our own as well. We compiled data from our over-the-phone screenings and surveys to demonstrate COVID-19 symptoms, recovery, and community spread. The findings were presented on the Sanguine Blog:

We know this pandemic has been challenging for our participant community as well. Sanguine Patient Ambassador, Kaley Zeitouni, wrote a series of blogs dedicated to navigating the pandemic:

Kaley is an illness recovery coach and licensed therapist. Kaley emphasizes the importance of self care, health, support, and wellness during this time.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, but we hope that Sanguine has been a health, wellness, and research resource for you. We hope to facilitate even more research initiatives so that scientists can uncover the mechanisms of the virus. Together, we can confront COVID-19. 

By Neelem Sheikh


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