August Research News

We’ve rounded up some of the most important research news and updates from August 2021. Stay up to date on monthly research developments with us! Sanguine is currently recruiting for 51 research studies. Check out the latest Sanguine studies here.


COVID-19 Lambda Variant: Another COVID-19 variant, lambda, is on the rise in the United States with at least 900 domestic cases. The variant is rampant in South America and Latin counties. Early research suggests that lambda may be able to resist COVID-19 vaccines and that lack of vaccinations is what’s allowing variants to develop.


COVID-19 Variants: Many COVID-19 variants have developed. Researchers seem to know most about alpha, Beta, gamma, and delta variants. Other variants of interest include Eta, Iota, Kappa and Lambda.


COVID-19 Delta Variant Hospitalizations: According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the COVID-19 delta variant causes an increased risk of hospitalization, but that worldwide data shows that the delta variant does not seem to be leading to more deaths than other strains.


Sickle Cell Disease Research News Updates 

Sickle Cell and Exercise Intolerance: According to a new research study aimed at uncovering the causes of exercise intolerance in patients with sickle cell disease, researchers found that altered cardiac reserve may be an important factor.


Lupus Research News Updates 

Lupus, COVID Vaccine, and Flares: According to a new research study published on August 4th, lupus flares following both doses of the COVID-19 vaccine were uncommon. In study participants that did experience flares after receiving the vaccine, flares were associated with prior COVID-19 diagnosis, recent flare in the last 6 months, and use of combination therapy. This study suggests that the COVID-19 vaccine is not likely to trigger a lupus flare.

Lupus and Red Blood Cells: According to a study at Weill Cornell Medicine, defects in red blood cell development may triggering lupus in individuals. These abnormal red blood cells may be causing the inflammation associated with lupus.


By Neelem Sheikh

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