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If you need human biospecimens from patients with confirmed disease, consider the numbers 3 and 30.

Three weeks is the typical request-to-receipt turnaround time when you predefine one or several patient communities for dependable access to blood, PBMC, or other in-home, prospectively collected biospecimens. With IRBs, consent, and startup operations completed in advance, you can get fresh samples when you need them.

Three is also the number of disease states (type I diabetes, Crohn’s, and UC) included in a community access program with specific I/E criteria that Sanguine successfully completed for another pharma client. What disease states would a community for Lilly include?

Community access can save you 30% off our normal pricing and gives you flexibility in recalling specific donors for additional collections, as well as custom preanalytical services.

Given the competitive landscape, having qualified patient samples ready for biomarker identification, first-in-human feasibility, and assay development can shorten timelines and reduce costs. Let’s discuss whether a tailored patient access model makes sense for your research program.

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