Experience teaches us every day the importance of the human immune system and how crucial the timely delivery of related samples is to research efforts. Therefore, Sanguine has established a lab in San Diego to take on additional processing and storage capacity.

To facilitate your clinical trial research efforts, Sanguine now provides quality and flexible PBMC and cell isolation services as an extension of your lab capabilities. Led by a dedicated Project Coordinator, our lab can consistently receive, process, cryopreserve and store samples according to your specifications and research protocols.

If you are interested in these services and would like to learn more, please reach out to William Arteca to schedule a meeting here or call him at 551-267-2204.

We believe that we are focused on our mission to provide the industry with customized human sample procurement, processing, and storage solutions that will help patients receive the critical next-generation therapies you are committed to delivering.

Best regards,
Brian Neman
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