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You know that human biospecimens represent the best research model, but accessing the right human samples can be challenging. Fortunately, Gilead’s pipeline matches well with Sanguine’s network of highly characterized, recallable patient donors, so you can choose I/E criteria and timely receive the right samples, including PBMCs and leukopaks. Search Sanguine’s nationwide donor network, which includes

  • >13,000 donors with autoimmune indications, our most diverse patient group
  • >4000 donors for infectious disease research
  • >2000 donors with metabolic diseases, including diabetes (type I & II) and CKD

Gilead’s commitment to treating inflammatory conditions and Sanguine’s goal of connecting patients to researchers explains why our companies have partnered on 50 studies, including an on-site collection program. Let’s discuss whether we can continue succeeding for patients.

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Jenny Matusova
Research Consultant
Sanguine Bio | Massachusetts

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