Lab Capabilities

Laboratory Services

Experience our end-to-end biospecimen procurement and processing solution

Combine your biospecimen needs with our robust laboratory capabilities that include biospecimen processing, shipping, and laboratory testing services.

Sanguine will work with you to design your study and ensure each sample is collected and processed correctly and sent to the researcher as required.



Standard protocols that include 24 hour processing turnaround time



Save time and increase quality with one vendor



10+ years of laboratory processing experience

Leverage our laboratory processing services

Integrate Sanguine's flexible processing capabilities into your workflow by utilizing our standard processing protocols or providing us with your custom protocols.

Robust but flexible processes

  • Validated collection and processing protocols ensure sample quality across all therapeutic areas
  • Utilize your custom protocol including special reagent additions or preferred aliquoting
  • Certificate of analysis can be provided upon request
Examples of biospecimen processing services
  • Whole blood derived biospecimens

Take advantage of our sample transport and cold-chain logistics.

We partner with specialty logistics services to ensure that your samples are delivered at the optimal temperature and on-time.

Flexible storage solutions

  • Storage temperature options

    • -20°C
    • -80°C
    • Liquid Nitrogen

  • Long-term or short-term storage capability
  • Ability to store a broad range of sample aliquot sizes

On-time & in-temperature shipping

  • Shipping flexibility with on-demand or batched shipments
  • Specialty cold-chain logistics
  • Global shipping options

Gather more data at the time of collection

Sanguine provides laboratory testing services across a broad range of diagnostic options. Tests can be used to confirm patient criteria or obtain additional data post biospecimen collection.

Timepoint data

  • Over 70 clinical tests that encompass major diagnostic assessments.
  • CLIA certified testing available upon request
  • 4 field, 11 loci HLA typing available.

Examples of testing options

  • Infectious Disease Panel
  • Covid-19 PCR
  • Cytokine Panel
  • Lipid Panel
  • Various Biomarker Quantifications

  • CD34 Enumeration
  • CBC
  • Ig Quantitation
  • Urinalysis

Latest Protocols