Procure Human Biospecimens Prospectively

Having confidence in your results requires access to clinically relevant biospecimen types and comprehensive datasets to make accurate conclusions. But sample criteria are increasingly specific, patient populations are harder and harder to reach, and study designs can seem impossible.

By leveraging an engaging direct-to-patient approach coupled with on-demand specimen procurement and data collection capabilities, you’ll touch even the hardest to reach populations. Our fully integrated service solution is simple and has you covered from start to finish—including same-day delivery.

Human Biospecimen Types

Our specimen procurement capabilities are minimally invasive and are further supported by in-home centrifugation, supplementary laboratory services (e.g., isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), HLA typing, comprehensive clinical testing), and temperature-sensitive shipments according to your study protocol.

Blood-Derived Biofluids and Products

Non-Blood-Derived Biofluids

Integumentary Tissues

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