Find Patients Faster with Sanguine Patient Search Tool

Recruitment is often one of the biggest challenges facing translational research studies. Sanguine announces a new feature — our online patient search tool — that gives researchers a head start on this crucial and often challenging process. Through the search tool, now available here on our website, you can query our disease communities to preview the population available for the condition you are studying, quickly and with no commitment.

This new tool is the latest means by which Sanguine helps researchers find qualified patients faster and build the cohorts they need to generate robust results. To support recruitment, we offer ready access to more than 70,000 engaged patients with 100-plus conditions. Our areas of specialty and their growing communities include:

  • Rare and Genetic Diseases, more than 8,000 patients
  • Immunological and Inflammatory Diseases, more than 22,000 patients
  • Neurological Diseases, more than 2,500 patients
  • Cancer, more than 2,500 patients

To see what we can offer your project, simply enter or select a condition in the search tool. The results show the number of patients in that disease community, as well as the number of biospecimen collections Sanguine has already completed for this condition. In this way, you can find just the right population for your project. Or, if you’re still in the planning phase, you can just explore our communities. The insight you get from these searches may help you envision what your study cohort could look like. If you don’t see a community for the disease you’re studying, ask us about our targeted recruitment campaigns.

By simplifying and accelerating recruitment, Sanguine seeks to create new opportunities for the pharmaceutical industry to advance vital studies and improve patients’ wellbeing.