Leukopaks and LeukoLots™: Healthy and Disease State

High-quality, RUO apheresis products
from our diverse network of research-ready donors

Leukopaks: One Donor, Billions of White Blood Cells

Large volumes of white blood cells can be separated by apheresis (leukapheresis) while plasma and red blood cells are returned to the donor. Research Use Only (RUO) leukapheresis products collected from the same donor provide a reliable and consistent source of up to 10 billion immune cells, including peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), rare CD34+ cells, for biomarker, immunology, autologous, and allogeneic cell therapy research and product development.

LeukoLots™ are isolated PBMCs from a leukopak that are aliquoted and cryopreserved. Screening vials are available to ensure you choose the right LeukoLot for your research needs.

Process Development
Process Development
Cell & Gene Therapy
Cell & Gene Therapy
Assay Validation
Assay Validation
Rare Cell Isolation
Rare Cell Isolation

Leukopaks from our network of 70,000+ donors

Diverse Donor Network
Diverse Donor Network
  • 70,000 patient and healthy donors nationwide
  • Confirmed disease diagnosis via medical record
  • Medical histories
  • Inclusion/Exclusion criteria
  • Mechanisms to screen donors for distinct biomarker signatures
Comprehensive Donor Data
Comprehensive Donor Data
  • Annotated medical records
  • Study-specific questionnaires
  • Infectious disease status
  • HLA typing class 1 & 2
  • Complete blood count (CBC)
  • Total Nucleated Cell Count (TNC)
  • Demographics
  • Adherence to standards and protocols ensures high cell viability & recovery
  • Certificate of Analysis (view a sample copy)
  • Same-day or next-day shipment
  • Up to 10 billion (full) or 5 billion (half) total nucleated cells per leukopak
Recallable Donors
Recallable Donors
  • Longitudinal studies with multiple time points
  • Concurrent collection of additional sample types (e.g., urine, stool, skin tapes)
  • Nationwide network of qualified apheresis clinics

Additional characterization & isolation capabilities, including:

rarity of the condition
Mononuclear cell isolation (PBMCs, T, B, and/or NK cells)
Diverse menu of CLIA-certified diagnostic tests
100+ additional CLIA-certified diagnostic tests
Percent abundance characterization of immune cell subtypes

Confirmed Disease State Leukopaks
Collected Under IRB Protocols

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All Sanguine locations maintain the appropriate certifications and registrations that demonstrate our commitment to excellence and continuous quality improvement.

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More than Biospecimen Procurement

Take advantage of our experienced and dedicated sample collection, logistics, processing, characterization, and storage capabilities to optimize and streamline your study design and mitigate unnecessary variability.

Publications using Sanguine PBMCs:


Profiling SARS-CoV-2
HLA-I peptidome
reveals T cell epitopes
from out-of-frame


Nature Communications

A novel PD-L1 inhibitor stimulated immune cell responses in donor PBMCs from HBV-positive (T cells) and HBV-vaccinated (B cells) patients


Lupus Patient Advocacy

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