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For Patients and Donors

Advance scientific breakthroughs from the comfort of your own home

Our patient-centered approach to biospecimen collection makes it easy for you to participate in medical research and directly impact the development of new treatments.

  • Easy at-home donation
  • Convenient and comfortable white blood cell donation (apheresis) centers 
  • Supportive, on-call study coordinators
  • Monetary compensation
  • Recommended by leading patient advocacy groups
  • Privacy and personal information security ensured

For Researchers

Access hard-to-reach, annotated biospecimens with our direct-to-patient approach to sample procurement.

When biospecimen collection puts patients first, you get better patient retention and the ability to conduct prospective study designs that deliver more accurate and clinically relevant biomarker data.

  • Minimally-invasive biospecimens including blood components, urine, stool, & skin tapes
  • Comprehensive donor data, including questionnaires and patient-reported outcomes
  • Multiple data points per donor with longitudinal study design
  • Complex inclusion/exclusion criteria
  • Rare patient populations
  • Customized collection and specimen processing criteria

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Biospecimen and Biomarker Services

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PBMCs Isolation Services for Clinical Trials

About Sanguine

At Sanguine, our mission is to accelerate translational biomedical research by removing the barriers to patient participation.

Through transparent communications, respectful patient support, and appropriate compensation, we keep patients engaged in the research process for a better patient experience and more impactful research biospecimens.

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