Retrospective Biospecimen Inventory

A diverse collection of annotated samples ready-to-ship to your lab

Biospecimens from our donors for your research

Finding the right biospecimen is crucial for your research. Explore our diverse biorepository of samples including but not limited to PBMCs from healthy donors as well as 30+ diseases.


If you do not see what you need, contact us  as we have more biospecimens including plasma and serum, and continue to add new biospecimens.

Need a larger volume of PBMCs?

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Access hard-to-reach, annotated biospecimens
with our mobile biospecimen collection program

Minimally-invasive biospecimens including blood components, urine, stool and skin tapes are collected from our 70,000+ donor network in their homes at their convenience. These donors are identified to fit your criteria for your studies.

Get fast, relevant healthy biospecimens with an onsite collection program

Our onsite collection program enables employees of your organization to participate as healthy controls for minimally-invasive biospecimen collection. Your researchers request the samples they need and we find and collect from donors in your organization, bringing samples fast and fresh to the researcher.

Compliance & Quality Assured

Sanguine utilizes two internationally-recognized IRBs (Advarra and WCG IRB) for review and approval of all study protocols, specific study documentation, and study participant facing information.  Both Advarra and WCG IRB are organized and operates in compliance with: FDA, OHRP, and International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).

Sanguine operates under an electronic informed consent process which executes 21 CFR part 11 compliant e-signatures, and Sanguine systems interacting with study participant information are HIPAA-compliant.

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