Comprehensive Donor Data

Electronic Health Records, Patient-Reported Outcomes,

Surveys, & Questionnaires

Leverage Real-World Data

There is more to biospecimen collection than what is in the tube. Electronic Health Records (EHR) provide easily searchable, relevant information about each donor. Access to this information helps with your current research and aids in selection of appropriate donors for future studies. The records Sanguine provides make it easier for you to interpret the sources of variation between biospecimens. In addition, the direct-to-donor model allows for additional information including patient-reported outcomes, surveys, and questionnaires.

Read our latest blog on why Electronic Health Records (EHR) are essential with your biospecimens and how they help accelerate research.


More Data, Fewer Errors

With Sanguine you have more options to access the data that is relevant to your research. We make it easy to incorporate the valuable  donor data into your studies. EHR includes verified diagnosed conditions, medications, vital signs, allergies, healthcare encounters, and more.  Data is provided in a format easy to integrate into your data analytics platform.


Donor Engagement and Patient- Reported Outcomes

With the direct connection to our donor community, we can create custom surveys and questionnaires, obtain patient-reported outcomes, and perform longitudinal studies.

  • Donor journey
    Donor preference
  • Custom surveys and questionnaires
  • Wearable technologies
  • Quality of life
  • Burden of disease
  • Impact on individuals
  • Impact on families

Why Sanguine

Sanguine provides you with access to highly annotated biospecimens collected from donors who routinely engage with us. We make it easy for you to obtain the real-world evidence you need to extract meaningful biomarkers from the data to accelerate discovery. 


Access to more than 70,000 donors nationwide


Develop your own donor cohort or registry


Collect real-world date form donor surveys


Donor retention with 95% recallability




Neurodegenerative & Neuropsychological








Infectious Disease


Autoimmune & Inflammatory



Compliance & Quality Assured

For quality, compliance and privacy related information, please visit Sanguine quality and compliance page.

Everything you need for biomarker development and validation

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