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Seeking Solution Providers for Cell & Gene Therapy

Sanguine Biosciences is partnering with contract development and manufacturing organizations, equipment and reagent manufacturers, biomarker service laboratories, biospecimens and leukopaks distributors to streamline, improve, and deliver the global standard in biospecimen procurement in support of cell & gene therapy discovery, translational, clinical, and manufacturing research initiatives.

Our diverse, engaged, and data-rich Patient Community provides the insights derived from biospecimens that scientists who are developing cutting-edge cell and gene therapies are looking for in terms of quality and annotation. Our portfolio of disease-state and healthy leukopaks, collected at our own apheresis center and partner facilities, as well as in-home and in-office collected minimally invasive biospecimens accelerates research at all stages of development.

To deliver on behalf of the individuals in our network, we are seeking partnerships with like-minded organizations serving similar clientele to establish referral or distribution arrangements that provide researchers with the tools they need to develop these life-changing therapies.

Please contact Adam Schreck to discuss a potential partnership with Sanguine.

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