About Sanguine

Bridging the gap between patients and researchers to accelerate discovery and development

Our Mission

Translational research cannot happen, much less successfully advance, without patient samples. However, conventional methods for biospecimen collection can range from somewhat inconvenient to downright challenging for the participants.

At Sanguine, our mission is to accelerate medical research by removing the barriers to patient participation. In the process, we elevate the role of the patient in the research effort, ensuring that the purpose of better patient outcomes is at the center of every study.

To achieve this goal, we enable patients to participate in research from the comfort of their own homes and do our utmost to facilitate their participation. This includes supporting patients with a dedicated, on-call study coordinator, and honoring their contributions with the transparency, privacy, and respect they deserve.

We’ve already demonstrated the power of this approach with our large, highly-engaged patient community and loyal research partners.

Working together, we are accelerating discovery and development for a better, healthier future.


Our Core Values



We value and honor the important role patients play in medical research



We strive to continuously improve our methods and technology to better serve patients and researchers.



We bring together patients, researchers, and nonprofit organizations under a common goal: finding a cure for debilitating medical conditions.

"Our study coordinators are typically on a first name basis with the patients after the first call and maintain a really close relationship with them. It’s that human-to-human contact many patients enjoy that helps them feel empowered and keeps them engaged."

Brian Neman

CEO & Co-Founder of Sanguine

Leadership Team

Brian Neman, MHA  

Co-Founder, CEO

Brian brings together a deep seated belief that empowering patients is the key to advancing medicine with a strong entrepreneurial drive. The result is Sanguine.

Gerald Lee


Gerald has translated his experience leading a team studying Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) at Stanford into the operational expertise that drives Sanguine’s product development program.

Charlene Christman


Charlene uses her extensive experience developing consumer and business-to-business marketing and advertising programs to help Sanguine increase its reach with patients, researchers, and patient advocacy groups.

Catherine Kapferer  

Vice President Human Resources

A trusted thought leader and accomplished Human Resources executive with over 20 successful years of global business partnering and leadership in human resources and business functions for Fortune 500 and biotech companies.

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