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Bridging the gap between patients and researchers to accelerate discovery and development

Our Mission

Sanguine Biosciences is accelerating personalized medicine by empowering patients with their healthcare data and facilitating participation in biomedical research. Sanguine actively bridges the gap between patients and researchers through direct-to-patient engagement, in-home collection of fully annotated biospecimens, apheresis product offerings, and a suite of biorepository services.

Sanguine has supported translational, clinical, and cell & gene therapy research at 35 of the top 40 global pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, shortening timelines and validating early-stage results to increase confidence and refine biomarkers in human trials.

Four years in a row, Sanguine has received the prestigious designation of a “Great Places to Work” company. In 2022, Sanguine was designated #2038 on the Inc. 5000 America’s Fastest Growing Private Companies list and achieved recognition on FORTUNE’s 100 Best Small Workplaces and Best Workplaces in Biopharma. Referenced in over 140 publications, Sanguine studies have appeared in high-impact journals, including ScienceNatureNEJMNature Medicine, and Science Translational Medicine.


Our Core Values

  • We get up every morning because we know that we are making a difference in people's lives
  • We protect the privacy of patient data
  • We always operate in patients' and researchers best interests
  • We are educating and bridging the divide between researchers and patients to help accelerate research
  • We are focused on positive impact in medical research - helping find new cures and treatments through innovative technology and personalization

  • Responsible for your actions, and for your team
  • Rolling up your sleeves
  • Doing what you said you will do
  • When possible, help out your teammates to achieve the company's collective goals
  • Our success is everyone's responsibility
  • Work together to achieve goals
  • Take ownership in quality and precision of our work and deliverables

  • Create a safe environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing constructive criticism on how to improve the company.
  • Listening skills are critical

  • Use a higher level conscientiousness
  • Act deliberately and honestly
  • Use emotional intelligence

  • Have a growth mindset
  • Focus on becoming the best version of yourself
  • Master skill sets for your functional role
  • Learn from and adopt others great talents to better yourself

  • Communicate clearly, actively listen to others, take responsibility for mistakes, and respect the diversity of your colleagues.
  • Listen and evolve together, help and support each other for the sake of a collective goal.
  • Best ideas win
  • No lone wolves

  • Action-oriented and sense of urgency
  • Make a good faith effort to solve the problem before bringing it up to your manager
  • Looking for better, faster ways to do your job and company processes
  • Looking for innovative, sustainable solutions
  • Identify problems, recognize patterns/recurring problems, automate recurring problems away

"Our study coordinators are typically on a first name basis with the patients after the first call and maintain a really close relationship with them. It's that human-to-human contact many patients enjoy that helps them feel empowered and keeps them engaged."

Brian Neman

CEO & Co-Founder of Sanguine

Leadership Team

Brian Neman, MHA  

Co-Founder, CEO

Brian brings together a deep seated belief that empowering patients is the key to advancing medicine with a strong entrepreneurial drive. The result is Sanguine.

Christine Kelberman  

Chief Financial Officer

Chris has spent most of her finance career in the life science industry responsible for the accounting, finance, IT, financial operations, and treasury functions, including forecasting and capital planning, both stateside and internationally.

Lisa AnnMarie Fleshman

Vice President, Quality and Compliance

AnnMarie has spent the last decade of her career devoted to quality and compliance within the pharma industry, bringing high standards and innovative thought processes along with her.

Gerald Lee


Gerald has translated his experience leading a team studying Chronic Myeloid Leukemia (CML) at Stanford into the operational expertise that drives Sanguine's product development program.

Catherine Kapferer  

Vice President, Human Resources

A trusted thought leader and accomplished Human Resources executive with over 20 successful years of global business partnering and leadership in human resources and business functions for Fortune 500 and biotech companies.

Sanguine Industry Recognition

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