May Research News

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Non-Opioid Pain Pill: Vertex Pharmaceuticals recently announced the potential of an experimental pain drug that may offer an alternative to opioids for acute pain. Opioids come with a host of side effects and risk of addiction, which is why alternate and safer pain relievers are important to combat inflammation and chronic pain.

Weight Loss Drug for Obesity: In a Phase III clinical trial conducted by Eli Lilly, obese patients lost up to 54 pounds while taking tirzepatide. Tirzepatide mimics hormones that our bodies release after eating to make us feel full. This finding will have a major impact on obesity, diabetes, and weight loss treatment.

COVID-19 and Ivermectin: Although Ivermectin has been used in the treatment of COVID-19, data on its effectiveness is inconclusive. A recent study shows that Ivermectin did not significantly lower the risk of hospitalization in patients with COVID-19.

3 HIV Vaccines: The NIH has launched a clinical trial for 3 mRNA vaccines for HIV. The COVID-19 vaccine utilizes a similar mRNA mechanism so researchers are hopeful that a similarly safe, and effective vaccine will be developed to protect against HIV. 

Sickle Cell Disease Research News Updates 

Sickle Cell and Corticosteroids: According to a research study at Toulouse University, exposure to systemic corticosteroids seemed to increase risk of hospitalization for sickle cell pain crises. Patients most likely to be hospitalized were those not taking hydroxyurea and older adults.

Sickle Cell and Fertility: A recent article reports that many young adult men with sickle cell disease may not be aware of sickle cell associated fertility complications; this indicates the need for more comprehensive fertility education for sickle cell patients.

Lupus Research News Updates 

Lupus and Genetics: Scientists studied the DNA of a 7 year old girl who developed severe lupus. They found a mutation in the TLR7 gene and implanted that gene into mice using CRISPR gene editing. Those mice developed lupus, which, for the first time, demonstrates a clear way in which lupus arises. This finding will have a major effect on treatment development and understanding of lupus causes.

Lupus Rash Research: According to a study conducted at Michigan Medicine, lupus patients with skin that appeared healthy had the same inflammatory signals as those detected when skin develops a rash. This suggests that the skin of lupus patients is primed for inflammatory reactions.

Autoimmune Disease Research News Updates 

Air Pollution and Autoimmune Disease: According to a recent research study, chronic exposure to air pollution can increase risk of autoimmune diseases, especially rheumatoid arthritis. This is because air pollution evokes certain immune responses in the body that can then misfire and cause inflammation and autoimmune conditions.

Inflammation Research: A new study finds that inflammation can prime the immune system and cause subsequent inflammatory responses. This means that one instance of inflammation can heighten or cause additional inflammation disorders.



By: Neelem Sheikh

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