What Is a "Patient Reported Outcome"

Sanguine relies on a direct-to-patient model, allowing for a unique approach to data attainment. Our model provides the ability to gather patient data outside of the test tube, and generate novel responses reported directly from the patient themselves.


Our specimen procurement capabilities are minimally invasive and are further supported by in-home centrifugation, supplementary laboratory services (e.g., isolation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs), HLA typing, comprehensive clinical testing), and temperature-sensitive shipments according to your study protocol.

Benefit: Understand the sample on a patient-centric scale, taking into account the patient’s habits, diet, and lifestyle. Proceed with confidence as data abnormalities can often be explained with a simple answer from the patient. Questions can also be designed to mirror that of a phase 0 clinical trial, allowing projects insight into what the future may hold.


There is a subset of clinically validated and licensable surveys that can be administered throughout a study to provide information relevant to the specific project’s objectives. Survey examples include both the SF-36 and HAQ-DI questionnaires.

Benefit: Validated data can further project goals pertaining to drug development or bolster the odds of publication in a scientific journal.

PRO's & Longitudinal Patient Tracking

Sanguine partners often pair PRO collection with longitudinal projects, allowing for the collection of patient data across various time points and events.

  • Disease Progression
  • Medication Efficacy & Side Effects
Holistic Data Set With Sanguine

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  • Demographics
  • Patient Reported Outcomes
    • Custom Surveys
    • Validated Surveys
  • Collected Samples
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  • Longitudinal Patient Tracking
  • Flare/Crisis Event Collections