Self Care and Your Space

Self care is an important aspect of maintaining wellness. As we stay inside, it has never been more important to make sure your physical space reflects HEALTH and WELLNESS. Dr. Emoto is a scientist who studied water molecules for 20 years. He found that when certain words were spoken around water, it altered the shape of the crystals. Words like LOVE, HOPE, THANK YOU, created perfectly shaped crystals. I won’t bother describing the water molecules that were created from words like hate and anger. 

Your body is 60% water so if you want your cells to be functioning optimally, it’s important to be mindful of the messages they are receiving. Your cells are always listening and in another blog, we’ll speak more specifically about how to talk to yourself in a way that promotes health. 

At the moment, it’s crucial to talk about our environment and self care. We are spending all our time at home, which makes it imperative that your home is set up to constantly send powerful messages to your body for optimum health. Whether you want to prevent worsening of symptoms or boost your immune system, the following suggestions are easy ways to create an environment that will nurture a healthy body and mind. 

To begin, think about your five senses: Sight, Sound, Smell, Taste, and Touch. You want to send messages of health and love to your cells through all of these senses. In this blog, I will focus on self care through sight, sound, and smell, but by all means, taste and touch are also important ways to nourish yourself and cultivate health. 


  • Make your space look appealing and create a calming atmosphere. 
    • Plants and color are important to feel vibrant as you walk or roll from room to room. 
  • Spark joy through memories. 
    • Put up pictures of your favorite memories with friends, even if it means you print them at home. A digital frame is also a great way to be reminded of moments that bring you joy. Joy has been proven to directly boost the immune system.
  • Surround yourself with positive words. 
    • We’ve all seen the scene from chick-flicks with a teenager at her mirror covered in post-its with positive affirmations. Well I’m here to tell you, IT WORKS. Even if you don’t read the messages, your subconscious is consuming the messages. In my home I have one wall that is all glass and I have special markers that I use to write myself messages. I change the messages depending on what I want to cultivate at any given time but in our current circumstances, I recommend phrases like the following:
      • I am a vessel for healing.
      • My body has everything it needs to heal.
      • My immune system is strong and powerful.
      • I love myself.
      • I am grateful for everything that is working in my body. 
      • Make it a great day!
      • Welcome to another day of life!

Include positive messages that reflect what you want to be thinking about and feeling in your body and mind! It’s important to have messages like this on the bathroom mirror so that you read them while you brush your teeth and throughout the house so that you have reminders throughout the day.


Scent is a powerful tool for sparking specific emotions and self care. Scent is processed through our olfactory system, which is located right next to the part of the brain that stores emotional memories. That’s why when you smell something specific, it brings back a memory, sometimes all the way back to childhood. You can use this in your favor to cultivate a positive feeling-state.

  • Essential oils are a powerful way to impact your mood. 
    • I recommend purchasing a low-cost aromatherapy diffuser and a few oils (make sure they’re pure and organic) to create scents in your home that make you feel amazing. You can research the emotions associated with different scents, but I recommend lavender for calmness and relaxation, and lemon or orange for joy. Eucalyptus is also great for the lungs, which we want to keep open and healthy these days. Frankincense is good for fighting viruses.
  • Burning different natural materials can also help shift the energy in your space. 
    • This is not just ritual or superstition! Scientists have found that sage smoke can actually disinfect the air and remove up to 90% of airborne bacteria. The bonus is that it also improves mood. I recommend sage or palo santo and you can google the best methods for burning. Ideally, you want to set your intention as you burn to bring positivity into the space as the smoke removes negative ions in the air. 


If hearing the word LOVE can change a water molecule, imagine what other sounds can do for your health, both mental and physical!

  • Play your favorite music every day. Yes every day! Don’t wait to be in the mood, just jam, right now!
    • You have the time, and you are home. Music can alter mood in a powerful way and can be a part of your self care routine. If you want to kick it up on a notch, have a daily dance party. Even with physical limitations you can find a way to groove. Physiology directly impacts psychology and who doesn’t want to feel good right now? Even dancing while seated or just feeling it in your body, releases endorphins, including dopamine – the happy hormone. You deserve it!
  • Everything has a vibration, even you. 
    • There are specific frequencies that are powerful for healing, positive feelings, clearing negative energy in a space, etc. During this time, it’s important to play healing frequency music as often as possible. You can simply search healing frequency music on YouTube. I personally like to fall asleep to it knowing my cells are being nourished and my immune system is being strengthened. 
  • Focus your attention on specific sounds during this time to also trigger a positive response in the body. 
    • For example, just appreciating the sound of birds chirping as spring emerges or the rustling of leaves in the wind. Tune into the natural sounds around you and take pleasure in them. 

It’s easy to make your home an abode of health and joy with simple steps. Ultimately, you want your space to be a celebration of YOU. Reflect your-Self, create an environment that reflects your vibe. If you were to use three words to describe yourself, what would they be? Great, now look around you and see if someone would walk into your house and get that vibe about you. If not, now is the perfect time to create it. Let your space be a celebration of YOU as you see yourself in your highest form. As an Illness Recovery Coach, I often get calls from individuals being admitted to the hospital. I have a specific protocol for hospital stays and have found that even wearing your own clothes versus a hospital gown or bringing a family photo with you makes a big difference in mindset and recovery. 

Let’s make your home your greatest vision of yourself. Just because there’s a pandemic happening outside, does not mean you have to be gloomy inside. In fact, that’s precisely why it’s essential to surround yourself with JOY!


By Kaley Zeitouni

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