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What is Community Access?

Community access

Streamline Study Fulfillment

Does your organization annually engage in multiple translational studies within one or several specific disease states?

Community Access may be right for you.

For researchers: Tackle multiple study designs in one or more specific disease states. Study designs can be dynamic, longitudinal, or cover different I/E criteria. Your community access grows as our Donor Network grows.

For procurement officers: Take care of all the administrative and financial requirements ahead of time to save your research team’s time and budgets. Eliminate redundancy in overlapping needs of research stakeholders.



Standard protocols that include 24 hour processing turnaround time



Save time and increase quality with one vendor



10+ years of laboratory processing experience

Take care of all your organization’s healthy and disease-state biospecimen needs

Combining Community Access covering one or several disease states with a healthy Onsite Employer Collection program enables your research teams to procure the most relevant and highest quality biospecimens when and how you need them.

These two programs offer convenience and customization in obtaining disease state and healthy specimens to cover any number of translational study designs.

Compliance & Quality Assured

Sanguine utilizes two internationally-recognized IRBs (Advarra and WCG IRB) for review and approval of all study protocols, specific study documentation, and study participant facing information. Both Advarra and WCG IRB are organized and operates in compliance with: FDA, OHRP, and International Conference on Harmonization (ICH).

Sanguine operates under an electronic informed consent process which executes 21 CFR part 11 compliant e-signatures, and Sanguine systems interacting with study participant information are HIPAA-compliant.

Everything you need for biomarker development and validation

   Explore our service offerings to cut timelines and costs, reduce variability, and translate your data into insights.

Disease State & Healthy Leukopaks
Human Serum and Plasma
Employer Onsite Collection Programs
Longitudinal Sampling & Event-Based Collection
Lymphocyte Isolation
Noninvasive Skin Tapes
Human PBMCs
PBMC Processing for Clinical Trials

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