Lymphocyte isolation
(T cells, B cells, NK cells)

Improve consistency, efficiency, and quality with freshly collected immune cells


One partner for sample collection and cell isolation

Patients donate whole blood in the comfort of their own homes. PBMCs = T cells, B cells, and/or NK cells are isolated within 24 hours of venipuncture collection, cryopreserved, and stored in liquid nitrogen.


Typical viability and purity >=95% (disease-dependent)


Negative or positive selection

Final Product

Aliquots of 5-10 million cells

Maximize results with flexible study size, design, and scope:

  • Procure PBMCs or plasma/serum concurrently with T cells
  • Specify inclusion/exclusion criteria (e.g., CLIA confirmed hepatitis B/C, HIV negative)
  • NGS Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing available
  • Multiple time points or event-based collection with recallable patient community (>90% study retention)

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Compliance & Quality Assured

Our informed consent protocol is 21 CFR 11-compliant, and our organization maintains the gold standard AAHRPP accreditation for protecting research participants. All Sanguine practices are HIPAA-compliant.

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More than Biospecimen Procurement

Take advantage of our experienced and dedicated sample collection, logistics, processing, characterization, and storage capabilities to optimize and streamline your study design and mitigate unnecessary variability.

Publications using Sanguine PBMCs:


Profiling SARS-CoV-2 HLA-I peptidome reveals T cell epitopes from out-of-frame ORFs


PLoS Pathogens

ZBTB2 represses HIV-1 transcription and is
regulated by HIV-1 Vpr
and cellular DNA damage responses


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